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Our Better Hearing Plan

  • Trial and retraining periods on all new hearing aid purchases
  • Up to 4-year repair warranty on Premium devices
  • 4-year free batteries on Premium devices

Our Core Values

Columbia Basin Hearing Center stands for providing the most elite in hearing healthcare and services so our patients may experience better living through better hearing.

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Welcome to the Columbia Basin Hearing Center!

CBHC is one of the most trusted hearing centers in Washington. Founded in 1978 by Dr. Francis A. Aiello, Ph.D., we have grown from a small hearing and speech center to one of the largest in the state.

In 1992, Dr. Aiello’s son, Dr. Neil W. Aiello, Au.D. FAAA, joined our team. Today, he and his wife, Dr. Shannon M. Aiello, Au.D. FAAA, along with clinical audiologist Jennyfer D. Wright, M.A., lead the center. CBHC continues to evolve into an institution that serves the individual conditions of Eastern Washington patients.

What We Do

The Columbia Basin Hearing Center provides high quality and advanced hearing and tinnitus products. Our goal is to let our patients live better by improving their hearing. We do this by correctly diagnosing and addressing their problem areas.

Our Licensed Audiologist and Doctors of Audiology monitor each of our patients. With their credentials and expertise, patients can rely on accurate diagnostics, effective treatment methods, an ideal patient environment, and amazing results.

What You Can Expect

Expect a thorough and straightforward process when you come for an appointment. Columbia Basin Hearing Center uses state-of-the-art technology to conduct our initial hearing assessments and provide the right products and solutions.

We can minimize the effects of hearing loss with early detection, correct diagnoses, proper treatment, and a commitment to solving the problem.

Work with our team to have better living through better hearing. Visit us today, or call us for more information about your hearing center of choice in Washington.

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