Hearing Advances and Improvements

Hearing Advances

Moto X Touchless Control

Halo: Made for iPhone®

Connectedness. It’s what better hearing is all about. Experience a new level of connection with our hearing technology that links seamlessly with your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®.

Delivering Pristine Sound

Phone calls from the office. Streaming video on your iPad. FaceTime® with the kids. Experience all of these with a pristine sound signal delivered directly to your hearing aids, giving you the amplification you need to never miss a beat.

Personalized Control

Halo is the breakthrough hearing aid that connects seamlessly with your iOS devices to give you greater clarity and control over your hearing experience.

Fingertip access to TruLink™, the personalized hearing control app, allows you to easily and inconspicuously adjust your hearing aid volume or select the personalized setting that best suits your surroundings. TruLink™ can match your settings with GPS locations, so that your “coffee shop” setting is automatically activated in your hearing aids the moment you walk in the door.

Live Microphone

Live Microphone lets you record, play back and e-mail audio as it happens. With hearing advances like this, you can listen to audio later or simply save it to enjoy a special moment over and over again.

This feature also allows you to use iPhone as a microphone to enjoy group conversations. Simply set your phone nearby, turn on the feature, and conversations are streamed directly to your hearing aid.

Easily Find Your Hearing Aids

You can use the GPS feature to find your hearing aids, should you ever misplace them. It’s all a part of integrating better hearing into your life – and the technology you carry with you every day.

With the Halo the pathways to better hearing are not only programmed into your state of the art hearing aids – they are also right in the palm of your hand.

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