Hearing Aid Designs

Columbia Basin Hearing Center has different hearing aid styles available. We know our patients have varying preferences when it comes to hearing aids. Whether you are choosing a certain type for cosmetic or functional reasons, you can find one that suits you among our hearing aid designs.

Hearing Aid Styles

From larger devices to virtually invisible types, CBHC has options that satisfy your needs and taste. All types consist of three parts: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker (or a “receiver”). They are suitable for different degrees of hearing loss. Check our comparison of the different hearing aid designs below:

Invisible In Canal (IIC) hearing aid

Invisible In Canal

  • Completely invisible and custom-made for the patient
  • For mild to moderate hearing loss

Receiver In Canal

  • Barely visible and no “plugged-up” feeling
  • For mild to moderate hearing loss

Behind The Ear

  • Discreet and custom-made
  • For almost all types of hearing loss

Completely In Canal

  • Virtually undetectable, placed within ear cuts down on wind noise
  • For mild to moderate hearing loss

In The Canal

  • Discreet and fits in the ear canal; may require a larger ear piece depending on technology level
  • For mild to moderate hearing loss

Full Shell In The Ear

  • Fits the external ear and is easily adjustable
  • For mild to severe hearing loss

Halo for iPhone

  • Links with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
  • Can take calls and stream videos through your Halo

Find the style of your choice among our products and visit Columbia Basin Hearing Center to see if it is ideal for your condition.

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