Hearing Examination

Thank you for taking our hearing test.

Columbia Basin Hearing Center designed this basic online hearing test to help individuals determine possible hearing loss. The test consists of five questions, and it takes just a few minutes to complete it. Depending on your answers, we suggest what you may need to do next to address your problem.

As the leading hearing test center in Washington, we give you advice backed by years of expertise and practice. We have a Licensed Audiologist and Doctors of Audiology on our team. Whatever the test results may be, CBHC can help you.

Helping You Determine Hearing Loss

Our team will follow them up with hearing examinations and assessments in the center. From there, we will diagnose your condition and determine the treatments necessary to improve it.

We are committed to understanding our patients’ individual needs. We also believe that the first step in doing so is to help you know if you have problems you need to address.

If you think you are experiencing signs of hearing loss, but are unsure of how to gauge it and what to do next, the CBHC hearing test can help. Take our hearing exam today and treat hearing loss before it’s too late.

Get started by answering the questions below.

Not sure if you hearing loss?  Take this simple test to find out more.

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