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Which Hearing Aid Style is Right? standard

There are several different styles of hearing implants available for those who need them, and a big part of our role at Columbia Basin Hearing Center is to help you identify the type that might be right for you. The doctors at our hearing clinic have years of experience matching people with the perfect devices, and they’ll do the same for you. What are these different styles, and what might make them right for you? Let’s take a look. Behind-the-Ear These hearing devices are custom-made, and sit mostly in a shell behind the ear. A transparent tube hooks on top of the ear, and is then inserted in, creating an open fit that prevents wearers from feeling like there’s a ...

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Daily Care Tips for Hearing Aids standard

Hearing loss is a major detriment to many people, and one of the key items in hearing impairment treatment is the hearing aid. At Columbia Basin Hearing Center, we offer comprehensive hearing aid repairs and services to keep your hearing at the levels where it needs to be. There are a few parts of general hearing aid maintenance and upkeep that you can assist with, as well. Let’s go over some of the basic elements of daily care for a hearing aid. Battery Checks The batteries in a standard hearing aid will last about one or two weeks, though there are some types that will last longer. There are simple battery testers available to help you check yours – always ...

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The Basic Components of a Hearing Aid standard

As a leading hearing care center in Washington, we at Columbia Basin Hearing Center know everything there is to know about hearing aids and their various elements. These items can be a huge boost to quality of life for many people by helping them maintain hearing that may be leaving them as they age. We provide several different types of hearing aids for our clients, but each of them contain three universal elements: A microphone, a processor and a receiver. Let’s look at how each of these three parts works. Microphone The microphone is the first step in the process of improving your hearing. It can pick up sounds in the environment and convert them into electronic signals – later ...

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Tips for Success with Hearing Aids standard

When you get a new hearing aid, it is easy to become irritated in the first few days. Your brain has not heard a lot of sounds for quite some time, so it will take a bit to re-learn everything. With new hearing aid, there is always an adjustment period. A hearing aid specialist will work with you and have you back to their office to fine-tune the settings if needed, but they can only do so much. Follow these four tips to accomplish success with your new hearing aids. Wear Them as Often as Possible Wearing something in your ear can be annoying at first; it will take some time to get used to it. After a while, you ...

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Communication Tips image

Communication Tips for the Family of those with Hearing Loss Speaking to Someone With Hearing Loss If you are an adult, aural/audiologic rehabilitation services will focus on adjusting to your hearing loss, making the best use of your hearing aids, exploring assistive devices that might help, managing conversations, and taking charge of your communication. Services can be individual, in small groups, or a combination of both. Your hearing loss It is important to understand your specific hearing loss. Sometimes it takes several discussions with your audiologist and with your family for things to “click.” By better understanding your hearing loss, you will gain new insights into why you think people are mumbling, why you “hear” but cannot “understand,” why you ...

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