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The Benefits of Aural Rehabilitation

There is no permanent cure for hearing loss, and the goal of any hearing clinic like Columbia Basin Hearing Center is finding solutions and assistance to help make day-to-day life easier and more comfortable. We’ve been serving the Washington area for nearly 40 years, and we put this experience to good use when serving you or a loved one’s needs.

One of our most effective services is aural rehabilitation, which is broadly defined as any therapy program designed to help you live well with your hearing loss. Our aural rehabilitation programs are designed in harmony with hearing aids or any other products you may use to assist with hearing, and our audiologists are experts at tailoring programs to individual needs.

How can you or a loved one benefit from aural rehabilitation therapy at our hearing center?

Communication Strategies

One of the primary drawbacks of hearing loss is the limits it can place on communication. During aural rehabilitation at a hearing care center like Columbia Basin, patients will be exposed to a communication program with their needs and preferences in mind: Everything from auditory training to helpful listening strategies may be covered, depending on the assessment of the audiologist.

In many cases, patients who do well enough are introduced to total communication therapy – the process of using various other individual tactics simultaneously to give people the skills to communicate in many situations.

Speechreading and Lip Reading

Some people consider speechreading and lip reading the same thing, where others consider them slight variations of a similar theme – speechreading includes lip reading plus using other facial and hand cues from the speaker to help understand what’s being communicated. This entire realm will be covered during most aural rehabilitation programs, with special emphasis for people who are trying to focus on communicating without a hearing device’s assistance.

Hearing Aid Orientation

For people who are already using a hearing device or may use one soon, aural rehabilitation will focus on how to use these products alongside other rehabilitation therapies. Once again, this can be tailored to each individual based on what their additional hearing needs are.

Want to learn more about our audiology clinic or any other element of our hearing services? Our Columbia Basin Hearing Center customer service specialists are standing by.


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