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Covid 19 Face Coverings and Hearing Difficulties

The last year has brought a new normal for many aspects of human interaction around the world. One of the areas that we focus on as Doctors of Audiology is the improvement of speech communication with modern hearing technology (i.e. hearing aids).

The use of face coverings has had a detrimental impact on the understanding of spoken words, both auditory and visual. These cues assist our normal hearing process by augmenting the spoken word with various speech signals critical to vowel and consonant realization. Furthermore, visual cues allow for lip/speech reading cues to be seen more readily. To a lesser degree, distortion of the physical cartilage pinna (ear) has measurable impacts on localization of sound and the “pinna effect”. The typical shape of the ear is distorted by the face covering causing sound to not be funneled into the ear as it normally is, thus causing distortion.

Doctors of Audiology have proven methods, systems, and electronic tools to assist those suffering from speech discrimination difficulties. You are not alone in your frustration, and need to know that help is available. Modern digital hearing aid technology, accessories, programming, and wireless accessories are especially useful overcoming typical problems associated with hearing difficulties.

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