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Daily Care Tips for Hearing Aids

Hearing loss is a major detriment to many people, and one of the key items in hearing impairment treatment is the hearing aid. At Columbia Basin Hearing Center, we offer comprehensive hearing aid repairs and services to keep your hearing at the levels where it needs to be.

There are a few parts of general hearing aid maintenance and upkeep that you can assist with, as well. Let’s go over some of the basic elements of daily care for a hearing aid.

Battery Checks

The batteries in a standard hearing aid will last about one or two weeks, though there are some types that will last longer. There are simple battery testers available to help you check yours – always keep one handy so you’re never at risk of losing power at an inopportune time. Keep spare batteries with you if this is a concern, and try to store batteries in cool, dry places. Also, because batteries can be toxic in large amounts, be careful how you handle them and dispose of the properly.


When you clean your hearing aid, do so with a soft, dry cloth. Check for basic dirt and grime, and clean any removable earmolds with a mild soap solution. Do not use a hair dryer to dry them off after – a forced air blower is fine, or air drying. Either way, make sure all parts are completely dry before re-attaching them.


For hearing aids to function properly, they need to be free of moisture. There are hearing aid drying containers you can purchase to help keep moisture from building up, and these items often lengthen the shelf life of your hearing aid. Make sure batteries are taken out before you place hearing aids in these kinds of containers.


If you ever hear a whistling sound coming from your hearing aid, you could have a problem with feedback. This occurs when sound comes out of the earmold and then reenters the microphone instants later. Feedback may suggest the earmold is too small, or that there is too much earwax in your canal. Speak to your audiologist about options here.

Want to learn more about hearing aids, or any of the other products or services at our quality hearing aid center? Speak to the experts at Columbia Basin Hearing Center today.


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