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Full Circle Hearing Program

Whether you’ve been with us for a short time or are a new patient, call us today and let us help you ensure the best protection and care for your devices.

Full Circle Hearing Program Packages

  • Platinum VIP
  • Full Circle
  • Essential Basic
What's Included? Platinum VIPFull CircleEssential Basic
What's Included?
$520 /yr
$365 /yr
$199 /yr
Essential cleaning 2 times per year
Annual hearing screening
One annual adjustment/consult from our Audiologists
Unlimited cleanings
Free batteries*
Unlimited Audiologist appointments
Repair warranty**
Loaner hearing devices
Free Listening Lab service once per year
Annual hearing aid verification appointment
Loss and Damage warranty**
Free “Hear” For You at-home services
Beta testing of the newest in hearing technology
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* Reasonable limits apply.

** Loss and damage warranty not available for devices 4 years and older, accessories, or custom earpieces. Charges for custom earpieces may apply if the devices are lost. L&D deductible is $450.00 per ear. One time replacement. Repair warranty not available after devices are 5 years and older due to inability to get parts and services from hearing aid manufacturers after a device reaches 5 years and older.

CBHC offers services to hearing aids until they are 8 years old and recommends updating hearing aids every 4-6 years due to rapidly changing technology as well as wear and tear on the device from everyday use.

Patients will earn 1 free year of their service package for every patient that comes into the office with a personal referral. Extended L&D not available for hearing aids 4 years and older.

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