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Home Tips for Resisting Hearing Loss

As a leading hearing loss center in Washington, we at Columbia Basin Hearing Center know how difficult the stages of hearing loss can be. Hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating as it becomes worse and worse over time, and it becomes difficult for many people to understand and comprehend basic speech.

Hearing aids and other forms of technology are some of our most common hearing care outlets, and they’re literal life-savers for many people. At the same time, we promote any natural methods which might promote hearing or simply make the process of understanding and managing hearing loss easier. Let’s take a look at a few tips for naturally helping resist hearing loss.

Puzzles and Games

The brain is the key factor in processing sound information received by the ears, and there are legitimate links between hearing loss and certain mental conditions. Keeping the brain active helps prevent brain atrophy, which is when brain cells and connections shrink or are damaged – in turn, this can help improve your brain’s processing capability, and therefore your hearing. These can be great social outlets as well, so they’re perfect in more than one way.

Exercise and Yoga

In general, the primary benefit of exercise on hearing is circulation. The brain and ears need blood circulation to keep them working properly – nerves and impulses function on the basis of blood, and any wastes or toxins are removed through blood flow. Stimulating circulation in a healthy way is excellent for keeping the blood flowing.

For many people, yoga is a perfect outlet. Yoga is meant specifically to help with blood blow and overall balance issues in the body. It’s also great as a relaxation technique, which ties in with our next tactic.


Meditation, especially in a public place where you’ll be surrounded by new and constantly-varying sounds, can be very beneficial. Deep breaths will help increase circulation and oxygen levels, and you can use the relaxation to focus on individual sounds around you and try to locate them. This sort of repetition is great for the brain’s processing ability.


We just touched on it a moment ago – anything that helps sharpen your brain’s relationship with the sounds it’s processing is a big positive. Whether it’s through meditation, a game or any other tactic you choose, finding ways to challenge yourself to hear specific sounds and determine their location can increase your hearing. Use a partner if needed, and try to create new tasks each time so your brain doesn’t become too comfortable.

Want to learn more about this or any other part of our healing care? Speak to the experts at Columbia Basin Hearing Center today.


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