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Preserving Your Residual Hearing

You may not equate your ability to hear with your bank account, yet their use is somewhat the same in many ways. Abuse your finances, and you’re left with a limited amount of money. Abuse your ears, and you could end up with limited hearing. Unfortunately, one way in which these two elements differ is that you cannot make deposits back into your ears to replenish your hearing. Rather, you can only do that which is necessary to protect the residual hearing you have left.

Halt the Damage, Help Your Hearing

Remember that hearing aids don’t reverse the effects of auditory loss; they simply amplify your ability to hear. Protecting that remaining ability can be accomplished by a few simple everyday practices, such as:

  • Turning the volume down: Some fall into the psychological trap of thinking that wearing hearing aids limits their ability to hear normally, and that even with such assistance, everything must be louder. If your hearing aids are working properly, you should be able to hear at a normal range. Eliminating the excess noise that may have contributed to your problems in the first place will help preserve your residual hearing.
  • Safeguarding your hearing: The residual hearing that you do have should not be subject to loud sounds or high frequencies if it doesn’t have to be. Wearing ear plugs when scenarios that produce loud noises arise will help prevent any further damage. Such scenarios may include:
    • Mowing the lawn
    • Working with power tools
    • Attending a sporting event or concert
  • Feeding your hearing: While you may not be able to replenish your hearing, you can incorporate certain vitamins and minerals into your diet that can halt the progression of hearing loss. Vitamins A, C and E, along with magnesium can help stimulate increased blood flow to the ears and reduce free radicals that may damage the working cells in your ears.

Having already experienced some degree of hearing loss, you understand just how precious being able to hear the everyday sounds can be. Imagine the depression and anxiety that could come were you to completely lose the hearing you have. Luckily for you, this isn’t an inevitability. Implementing the advice given above can help keep you hearing the sweet sounds of life for many years to come.


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