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Visible Signs of Hearing Loss

Up to two out of every three people with hearing loss are both undiagnosed and untreated, and at Columbia Basin Hearing Center, a big part of our goal is to decrease this number significantly. Detection and reporting of hearing loss is the first vital step on the path to recovery through a hearing clinic, hearing implants or other techniques.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, both you and close friends or loved ones are a big part of this identification process. Here are some common visible signs of hearing loss.

Loud Volume

If a close friend or loved one points out that you seem to frequently be raising the volume on the TV or the radio, or seem to have issues picking up subtle or background noises with items like these, it could be a telltale sign that you’re experiencing hearing loss. This isn’t often something people notice on their own, and it can be a major surprise when it’s brought up by someone else – but know that they aren’t doing it to insult you, but rather to try and help.

Conversation Issues

Do you find yourself constantly asking people to repeat themselves, or struggling to hear what’s being said? This kind of consistently muffled hearing is another common sign of hearing loss, whether within a given conversation or separately.

Phone, Doorbell and Others

Do you frequently find missed calls on your phone despite it being on loud and you having no memory of a ring tone? What about people telling you they’ve been outside knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell for a long period of time with no response? These are both signs of hearing loss – sometimes they may even relate to loud TV or radio volume, as we discussed above.

Turning Neck

A natural response to hearing loss is to tilt the head so your ear is pointing toward the source of sound, but this shouldn’t be necessary with proper hearing. It will also become ineffective over time. If you notice yourself doing it, or someone else points it out, this is a sign.

Want to learn more about spotting the signs of hearing loss, or about any of the services we provide at our hearing care center? Speak to the professionals at Columbia Basin Hearing Center today.


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