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As of January 2, we are officially in our NEW location!

Remember, ALL Tri-Cities patients will be going to our new office location for any appointments or needs. We are excited to see you at our new Clearwater office!

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I Already Wear Hearing Aids


At Columbia Basin Hearing Center, we believe that our job isn’t finished until our patients’ lives are improved. As the leading audiology clinic in Washington, our goal is to give our patients a new lease on life through better hearing.

Our staff, including Doctors of Audiology, have a combined 38 years of experience in bringing you the best possible hearing care using only the highest level of hearing technology. Our commitment to providing reliable treatments and services, a patient-centered environment, and personalized customer experience sets us apart from other hearing centers in Washington and elsewhere.


If your hearing aids are three to five years old, you might be missing out on the benefits that more detailed research, faster processing speeds, new features and smarter designs have introduced.

Our references and doctors will help you learn more about them and choose which products are right for you.

These are just a few things that make us the trusted hearing care center in the state. Don’t just take our word for it; experience the CBHC difference for yourself. Call us and schedule an appointment today.

I Don't Wear Hearing Aids

iphoneYou’re Not Alone

48 million Americans—or nearly one in five, age 12 and older—experience hearing loss severe enough to hinder communication.

You Won’t Stand Out

Asking people to constantly repeat themselves or responding inappropriately draws more attention than wearing today’s stylish hearing aids.

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Giving Back

Internationally, we work with the Starkey Hearing Foundation to give the gift of hearing to millions of people world-wide.

Locally, we work with the Hearing Foundations domestic chapter by being a partner clinic for Hear Now. We fit over 50 low income patients locally annually with hearing aids complimentary of the Hear Now foundation and the donation of CBHCs Doctors, resources, and time.

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30 30% of Adults 65-74 Years Old Have Hearing Loss
20 Only 1 in 5 People Who Could Benefit from a Hearing Aid Actually Wears One
47 47% of Adults 75 Years Old Have Hearing Loss
  • Dr. Shannon M. Aiello, Au.D., FAAA
  • Dr. Neil W. Aiello, Au.D., FAAA
  • Jennyfer D. Wright, M.A.
Dr. Shannon M. Aiello, Au.D., FAAA

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Dr. Shannon M. Aiello, Au.D., FAAA

Director of Audiology

Dr. Shannon Aiello joined Columbia Basin Hearing Center in 2007 during her clinical externship. In 2008, she graduated from Western Michigan University with her Doctorate of Audiology. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. She specializes in diagnostic and rehabilitative audiology with an emphasis in geriatrics and tinnitus management. She particularly enjoys working with new hearing technology and rehabilitation.

In 2014, Dr. Shannon opened the Tinnitus Relief clinic, which is Washington State’s only tinnitus management clinic. She is a leading expert in the area of tinnitus and a board member of the Tinnitus Practitioners Association.

Shannon loves spending time with her family and children. Shannon and Neil are blessed with four beautiful children, three girls and one boy. She also loves her two four-legged children, Buck and Jazz. Shannon enjoys jogging, playing golf, cooking, and being outdoors.

Dr. Neil W. Aiello, Au.D., FAAA

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Dr. Neil W. Aiello, Au.D., FAAA

Executive Director


Doctor of Audiology (May 2007) Pennsylvania College of Optometry School of Audiology
Master’s Degree in Audiology (1992) Washington State University Spokane, Washington

Dr. Neil W. Aiello, Au.D., received his education at Washington State University, graduating with his master’s degree in audiology in 1992. He immediately joined his father, Dr. Frank A. Aiello, Ph.D. at Columbia Basin Hearing Center. After working in the field for 12 years, Neil attended Salus University where he graduated with his clinical doctorate in 2007. He is a fellow of the American Academy of Audiology. He specializes in diagnostic audiology, hearing technology, vestibular evaluations and management, as well as rehabilitative audiology with an emphasis in geriatrics. His credentials allow him to frequently serve as an expert witness in the field of forensic audiology. As Chief Operations Officer, Neil manages all operations of CBHC. His business acumen, combined with over 20 years of experience, makes him exceptionally qualified to manage clinical operations, ensuring the highest level of care and expertise for all of our patients. Dr. Neil is passionate about improving his patient’s quality of life through better hearing.

When not working in the practice, Neil loves spending time with his family and children. Neil and Shannon have four children, three beautiful girls, and one happy little boy. Neil especially enjoys photography and taking his family to play golf. Neil is a Tri-Cities native and is proud to call this area his home.

Jennyfer D. Wright, M.A.

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Jennyfer D. Wright, M.A.

Clinical Audiologist

Jennyfer Wright received her Master’s Degree in Audiology from Western Washington University in 2006. Following graduation, she began working at Columbia Basin Hearing Center. Her specialties include diagnostics, vestibular, and pediatric audiology.

Jennyfer is additionally trained in evaluation, activation, and mapping of cochlear implants as Columbia Basin Hearing Center is the only satellite clinic in Southeast Washington for Swedish hospital and their cochlear implant program.

She enjoys kayaking, and going on walks with her lab.

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