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Hearing Heroes

What We Do

The doctors and providers at Columbia Basin Hearing Center can acquire hearing aids from manufacturer programs that serve those living at or below the poverty line. Using these programs, we are able to bring in low-cost hearing devices and treat those who otherwise would not be able to afford hearing aids to treat their hearing loss. We will volunteer our time specifically for the purpose of treating those in our community who do not have the financial capability to do so otherwise. If an individual suffers from a treatable hearing deficit, we will fit that patient with hearing aids purchased by our Hearing Heroes.

What You Do

By donating to the Hearing Heroes program, you will ensure a supply of hearing aids are available to provide to the needy in the Tri-Cities community. Donations can be one-time or given on a recurring basis. Regardless of which type of giving your organization chooses, all money donated to this program goes directly to purchasing hearing devices. All administrative costs and treatment services are handled by Columbia Basin Hearing Center, which means every penny goes directly to and directly benefits the hard of hearing in the Tri-Cities.

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Together We Can Help!

Our Hearing Heroes program strives to ensure those who suffer from hearing loss in the Tri-Cities community are able to live their lives to the fullest by having access to hearing aids, regardless of ability to pay.

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What You Get

When you donate to the Hearing Heroes program, your business name and logo will be featured on our program web page. You can also insert materials into the bags we give those participating in the program. Your business will be mentioned in our social media posts promoting the program. Sustaining monthly donators will be mentioned in our mainstream media promotions (TV, Radio, Print). Most importantly, you will get the knowledge that somewhere in our community, people are going to live happier and more fulfilled lives once hearing loss is no longer a barrier for them.

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