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There is no permanent cure for hearing loss, and the goal of any hearing clinic like Columbia Basin Hearing Center is finding solutions and assistance to help make day-to-day life easier and more comfortable. We’ve been serving the Washington area for nearly 40 years, and we put this experience to good use when serving you or a loved one’s needs. One of our most effective services is aural rehabilitation, which is broadly defined as any therapy program designed to help you live well with your hearing loss. Our aural rehabilitation programs are designed in harmony with hearing aids or any other products you may use to assist with hearing, and our audiologists are experts at tailoring programs to individual needs. ...

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You Heard Right! standard

Patients are happy with Hearing Aids By Neil & Shannon Aiello, Doctors of Audiology, Columbia Basin Hearing Center Hearing aids? When questioned, many people say they are hesitant because they have a friend, who has an aunt, whose husband spent a great amount of money on hearing aids that he hated in the end. There are indeed many “hearing aid horror stories” circulating the popular bridge clubs and local fishing holes. (“They were uncomfortable, they made everything louder, they whistled, and of course, they cost so darn much.”) There was a time that these were valid complaints from hearing aid users, however, we are happy to report that those times are over. In 2011, it was reported that 74 percent ...

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