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Up to two out of every three people with hearing loss are both undiagnosed and untreated, and at Columbia Basin Hearing Center, a big part of our goal is to decrease this number significantly. Detection and reporting of hearing loss is the first vital step on the path to recovery through a hearing clinic, hearing implants or other techniques. If you are experiencing hearing loss, both you and close friends or loved ones are a big part of this identification process. Here are some common visible signs of hearing loss. Loud Volume If a close friend or loved one points out that you seem to frequently be raising the volume on the TV or the radio, or seem to have ...

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Often-Overlooked Signs You May Be Losing Your Hearing standard

Most people are aware that hearing is more likely to decline as you age, but often the problems of hearing loss come on gradually, which means you might be the last person to notice that your hearing isn’t as great as it once was. Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common conditions that affects people over the age of 65—in fact, about one in three older adults have some level of hearing loss—so it’s important to understand what some of the early signs of this condition are so you can learn if you need to have your hearing checked. The Dangers of Hearing Loss For most people hearing loss is annoying because it makes it harder to enjoy ...

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