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Visible Signs of Hearing Loss standard

Up to two out of every three people with hearing loss are both undiagnosed and untreated, and at Columbia Basin Hearing Center, a big part of our goal is to decrease this number significantly. Detection and reporting of hearing loss is the first vital step on the path to recovery through a hearing clinic, hearing implants or other techniques. If you are experiencing hearing loss, both you and close friends or loved ones are a big part of this identification process. Here are some common visible signs of hearing loss. Loud Volume If a close friend or loved one points out that you seem to frequently be raising the volume on the TV or the radio, or seem to have ...

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Home Tips for Resisting Hearing Loss standard

As a leading hearing loss center in Washington, we at Columbia Basin Hearing Center know how difficult the stages of hearing loss can be. Hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating as it becomes worse and worse over time, and it becomes difficult for many people to understand and comprehend basic speech. Hearing aids and other forms of technology are some of our most common hearing care outlets, and they’re literal life-savers for many people. At the same time, we promote any natural methods which might promote hearing or simply make the process of understanding and managing hearing loss easier. Let’s take a look at a few tips for naturally helping resist hearing loss. Puzzles and Games The brain is the ...

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Common Types of Hearing Loss and Their Causes standard

They say silence is golden, but when you live in a world of perpetual silence because you have trouble hearing it can be frustrating and isolating. Hearing loss is a serious condition impacting millions of people every year, but not all hearing loss is the same—learn a little more here about some of the different types of hearing loss, treatment options, and things that might cause it to minimize or avoid hearing loss in the future. Conductive Hearing Loss Ears are an intricate and elaborate system of canals, drums, bones, and more. When one of these parts is malformed or damaged it can cause conductive hearing loss. Some of the things that may cause this type of hearing loss include: ...

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Often-Overlooked Signs You May Be Losing Your Hearing standard

Most people are aware that hearing is more likely to decline as you age, but often the problems of hearing loss come on gradually, which means you might be the last person to notice that your hearing isn’t as great as it once was. Age-related hearing loss is one of the most common conditions that affects people over the age of 65—in fact, about one in three older adults have some level of hearing loss—so it’s important to understand what some of the early signs of this condition are so you can learn if you need to have your hearing checked. The Dangers of Hearing Loss For most people hearing loss is annoying because it makes it harder to enjoy ...

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Preserving Your Residual Hearing image

You may not equate your ability to hear with your bank account, yet their use is somewhat the same in many ways. Abuse your finances, and you’re left with a limited amount of money. Abuse your ears, and you could end up with limited hearing. Unfortunately, one way in which these two elements differ is that you cannot make deposits back into your ears to replenish your hearing. Rather, you can only do that which is necessary to protect the residual hearing you have left. Halt the Damage, Help Your Hearing Remember that hearing aids don’t reverse the effects of auditory loss; they simply amplify your ability to hear. Protecting that remaining ability can be accomplished by a few simple everyday ...

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Hearing Aid Usage and Reduced Risk of Dementia Linked in Study image

Hearing and Dementia linked in previous studies By Shannon Aiello, Doctor of Audiology, Columbia Basin Hearing Center The Columbia Basin Hearing Center doctors recently attended a presentation introducing a groundbreaking study linking hearing aid usage and a reduction in the risk of dementia presented by Helen Amieva, Ph.D. The long term study, done at the University of Bordeaux, France, looked at 3,670 adults age 65 and over for a 25-year period. Researchers found that those who used hearing aids had no greater risk of cognitive decline than those with normal hearing. In contrast, during the 25 year study those with untreated hearing loss had significantly lower baseline scores on the Mini-Mental State Examination, a widely used test of cognitive function. ...

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